Why: Walmart apologized and removed Christmas sweater which have image of Santa Claus

Walmart tshirt

Walmart has issued an apology for selling a Christmas sweater that featured a clear drug reference as the design.

Actually A men’s ugly sweater that was sold online through Walmart Canada
the problem is that a sweater is found in Walmart market place which image is drug reference as the design.

There is an excited Santa Claus sitting at a table with three white lines that are heavily implied to be cocaine.
After the line there is a phrase "let it snow" is written in the sweater.

After the sweater was mocked and criticized on social media, Walmart issued an apology to Canadian news organization

These sweaters are not available in the Walmart market place. We removed these product from our website. We apologized for this.

Walmart is saying sorry for such thing.

The sweater, is no longer available on Walmart’s website. Which was made by clothing company FUN Wear,

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