The Formula 1 News Roundup: The Updates to Keep You Company

The Formula 1 News Roundup: The Updates to Keep You Company

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We are having to spend some time away from our beloved Formula 1 content as the world is trying to stay safe in the middle of the recent coronavirus outbreak. That has surely put a huge dent in the entertainment needs of many of us, but that is a small price to pay for seeing everyone with the current virus haled – and the world completely rid of the disease.

While you are practicing safe social distancing, washing of hands and proper isolation, here are some of the news items you should not miss about the races. Something to keep you company till you can enjoy Formula 1 races again.

Ferrari’s race against COVID-19

The Ferrari family has become an iconic name in Italy, mainly because of the quality of racing cars that they make. This has helped put the country on the map for long too, and they are grateful for it.
However, the love that Ferrari enjoys in the country is because of the people. Seeing as the cases of coronavirus in Italy seems to be going up by the day, Ferrari has stepped in to ensure the virus is wiped out as fast as possible.

In that light, the Ferrari family has donated the sum of EUR10 million to help the health officials battle the disease effectively. They have also added 150 ventilators to that so that the healthcare centers can be best equipped to manage more of the cases that come their way better.

The Show Must Go On

The races have had to be suspended for now, but the management of Formula 1 knows that their fans from all around the world need something to hold on to. In the same vein, they want to encourage people to stay at home more instead of going out and running the risk of contracting or spreading the virus, as the case may be.

Thus, they have launched the Virtual Grand Prix series.

As the name implies, this would be a simulation showing all the drivers lining up on the track and racing against one another like it were real. The best part about this is that the virtual racing game will be manned by the actual drivers, not just some gamers from around the world.

We believe that this would be equally fun. After all, you can now see how much of a gamer your favorite driver is.

Lewis Hamilton Is Fine

Lewis Hamilton, the iconic F1 driver currently signed to Mercedes, was seen in the company of Idris Elba a couple of weeks ago. Now, this is not the first time that he would be seen with other celebs, but this one generated extra buzz since Idris confirmed to have tested positive to the virus.

The driver has since put himself in isolation and is yet to start developing symptoms, way beyond the normal range of incubation period for the coronavirus.

He has, thus, come out to address the public that he is healthy and feeling fine. Of course, he would keep observing the isolation, but the man on track to win the F1 championships is not down with the virus.

What the Rest of The Season Holds

The current Formula 1 season has been suspended till at least, June. During this period, don’t forget to be prepared for live-streaming the race once it’s on again. If you aren’t all set yet, make sure you download a VPN so you can connect to any server you want for streaming.

The idea behind the suspension was to ensure the world has enough time to treat this pandemic and contain it well before the drivers and fans return to the race tracks. In the past couple of weeks, new schedules have been circulating within the teams which could see the return of the races as soon as 7 June.

Note that at this point, not all of the races need to be completed anymore. Once the minimum number of races needed for the season to qualify as a championship can be achieved, things might just be packed up while the drivers prepare for the next season.

Likewise, some of the races on the calendar can still be followed through as planned. For those that have been missed, we bet that they could either be discarded as a whole or slotted in between the rest of the races.

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