Bruce French- Dhoni is the best wicketkeeper in the world

Bruce French: Dhoni is the best wicketkeeper in the world

Bruce French, England's former Gloveman, had a horrifying tour of India some 35 years ago, but it may have been life-defining. 

Bruce French says about Indian best wicketkeeper 'Mahendra Singh Dhoni' that Dhoni is a genius. His gifts are his hands. His technique is very simple and his mind is incredible.
bruce french dhoni wicketkeeper
Bruce French - Dhoni is the best wicketkeeper in the world
When the balls leave the bowler's hand, his hands begin pushing ahead toward the stumps. Nothing else exists between him and the bowler. You can not instruct that to anybody.

In preparing, you see the spinners bowl and these managers produce it effectively and result in stumpings without fail. Yet, when you move to the match, there is a batsman before them and a great deal of development and they simply drop it, in light of the fact that the center is removed.

Ms. Dhoni, even in the match, he is presumably supposing he simply heating up, I don't have a clue.

That is the manner in which I attempt to put it crosswise over to youthful guardians.

Bruce French says that dhoni is the best wicket keeper in world.

I saw the hands and mind and appraised him as a standout amongst the best wicketkeepers on the planet. He was a virtuoso at that point, he is virtuoso at
this point.

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