How much cigarette is a bottle of alcohol

How much cigarette is a bottle of alcohol

Hey men, are you know about how much cigarette is a bottle of alcohol. Today I am going to tell you what is the exact answer of this question.

It has been found in research that drinking 750 ml of alcohol in one week increases the risk of cancer as much as one woman consumes ten cigarettes and men's five cigarettes in a week.
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How much cigarette is a bottle of alcohol

UK researchers said that it is a good way to make lesser people aware of health.

However, experts say that for most drinkers, drinking cigarettes can be more dangerous than alcohol, and this makes them more susceptible to cancer risks.

And the only way to reduce these risks is to leave the cigarette completely.

Government guidelines advise women and men not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol in a week. This is equal to 6 beer bottles of beer and 6 glasses of wine.

Research also states that there is no safe drinking water when your health is in danger. According to this research, low-drinkers are also not exposed to cancer risk.

How much cigarette is a bottle of alcohol
How much cigarette is a bottle of alcohol

Researchers in the article of BMC Public Health has said that if one thousand men and one thousand women who do not smoke cigarettes drink a bottle of alcohol, then about 10 more men and 14 more women increase the risk of cancer in their lifetime.

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast and liver cancer among women in breast and men.

The researcher's team used data based on the risks of cancer research UK cancer.
Simultaneously, the team studied the data of cancer patients from tobacco and alcohol.

Dr Minouk Schmeker, who researched breast cancer, said that the study brings "interesting things" to the fore, but the picture is not very clear.

Dr Shomekar, a scientist of The Institute of Cancer Research, said, "The picture of the dangers of cancer is very complex and finite, so it is important to keep in mind that the new study is based on many assumptions."

The study has only talked about cancer, not on other diseases. Cigarette smokers have more heart and lung disease.

In the study, the data of 2004 has been used and other causes of cancer have not been included in it.
Age, family gene, diet and lifestyle may also cause cancer.

Professor John Britton of Nottingham University says, "I do not think people compare to hazards and choose cigarettes and alcohol."

Professor Britain is director of the UK Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies.
He says, "This study shows that drinking of cigarettes against alcohol is more dangerous for cancer, and if you talk about other diseases, cigarettes are more dangerous than alcohol."

"If cigarette drinkers are worried about their health, it would be best for them to quit smoking."

I hoped that you came to understand about the knowledge how much cigarette is a bottle of alcohol. 

Professor Britain says that those who drink alcohol should not drink more than 14 units according to the advice.

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