Rahul Gandhi said-implement the planning challenge

Income Plan: Rahul Gandhi said-implement the planning challenge

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on 26/3/2019 said that his party had discussed the minimum income scheme for the poor, with many economists including former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan. Although some economists believe that implementing this plan is not easy. On Monday, Rahul Gandhi had announced the promise of a big election, giving a minimum income of Rs. 72 thousand to the poor every year.
income plan rahul gandhi

Income Plan: Rahul Gandhi said-implement the planning challenge

Rahul Gandhi said, 'We have been engaged in this work for the last 6 months. We discussed this with all the big economists of the world. These include Raghuram Rajan. ' The total expenditure of Rahul Gandhi's 'Nyaay Yojana' is 3.60 There are lakh crore rupees, which is 1.7 percent of the country's GDP. However, Congress has not yet clarified how will it implement the scheme?

Development Economist Jean Dreze told PTI, "The judiciary plan will encourage social security. However, it will be the most important thing that 20 percent of the people who will benefit from it, how will they be identified? How will the resources come for this? '

Syeda Hameed, the former member of the Planning Commission, has expressed happiness over the plan, though he has expressed concern about the increase in the financial burden. He said, "This scheme can change the face of India. It can increase the financial burden, but if this plan is implemented correctly it can be made possible.

Abhijit Sen, a Retired Professor of JNU and a member of the Planning Commission, says that it will be very difficult to implement this scheme, and it can be difficult to apply it with it.

Right to Food activist Harsh Mandar welcomed this plan because he believes that after the scheme, the real issues of the poor will be in front of the Center. Together the government will also get information about the growing inequality in the country. Mandar said, "In the proportion of GDP in India, the tax is the lowest in the world."

Economist Sen has suggested that if this scheme is linked to a scheme like MNREGA, then it can get much benefit.

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In a rally in Jaipur, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress party was working on this idea for six months because it wanted to change the lie of putting 15 lakh rupees of Prime Minister Modi in the bank account. They said, "Six months ago we started work. The idea is right to put money in bank account, but it has been lying in the Rs 15 lakh. The Congress people sat and spent six months working and I asked how to change this idea in the truth. Narendra Modi talked about putting 15 lakh rupees in the bank account. How can the Congress party complete this thinking? '

He said, "It took six months, I talked to big economists. Let anyone know. Did not speak. We have been engaged for six months. Take the list of the world's largest economists, the most ... Raghuram Rajan One thing after one and the other said that the idea is good. We want to fulfill this. '

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