What happen if you sleep late at night

What happen if you sleep late at night

What happen if we sleep late night
What happen if you sleep late at night-problem-causes

Every human needs to complete their sleep properly for a healthy body. But some situation they did not take rest properly then their body feel weakness. It can affect your body in the long run.
So there is some effect of late night sleep.

1. It increases the risk of disease:

In a study, the person who sleep less than 6 hours per night were significantly heart disease.


You will see that some people always live in stress. The reason is that they did not sleep well.

3.Risk of Death:

In research, it is seen that the person who sleep less than 4-5 hours per night are 16% more likely to die from literally any case.

4.Black Scar:

If some have a black scar in their face just below their eyes, then it means that they did not rest their body.
So if you want to make face beautiful then you have to sleep 9-10 hours.

5.Weight Gain:

A no. Of studies have found that people who sleep less are more likely to be overweight.

Do You Know ?


Sleep is directly proportional to depression. There is some chance to go to depression due to late night sleep or not enough sleep.

7.Increases accidents:

If you did not complete your sleep properly. Then all day your body feels tired, then you will want to sleep.
During driving time generally, it occurs and increases the possibility of a car accident or any type of accidents.

8.Dull Skin:

If you did not get enough sleep, your skin will look blochy or pale.
So every person should have to complete their sleep because it improves blood flow to the skin.

9.Skin Sensitivity:

Sleep deprivation can make your skin more sensitive.

10.Poor Decision:

As you know that decision making is a skill which every person must be have.
Some parts of the brain are involved in decision making.
If you are not giving the rest of your brain enough rest, your strengths of decision making are gradually decreased.

11.Heightened blood pressure:

Due to not give proper rest of your body then there is possibility to your blood pressure to spike. If it over then this can be damage your arteries, kidney and heart.


Day is made for do work and night is made for giving rest of your body.
So for  a healthy body you have to create a balance between  them.
If your work is in night shift then you take sleep properly in day.

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