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Saturday, 16 March 2019

f1 News - What is the new f1 2019-Formula one

What is the new feature's in f1 2019

f1 means Formula one

According to previous year racing competition, this year to make the sports more competitive to its drive and appealing to its spectators.
f1 formula One car
What is the new feature's in F1-Formula One
For helping the drivers for the racing.

The new features of f1 are -

1. New rear wing:
It helps to promote even closer racing. This wing is wider, simpler wing.
By boosting its potential power around 25%, the DRS opening is increased.

2. New front wing: 
This also consists of a wider and much simpler wing.
It helps to drivers for chasing others drivers follow the car in front more closely and in turn increase the possibilities of overtaking.
Front wing width is increased by 200mm and height by 20mm.

3.Rear Wing Endplate Lights:
It increases the visibility of cars in poor weather situations. The traditional rear central light cars must also have an additional LED light on each rear wing endplate.

4.Stronger helmets:
For safety purpose of the racing drivers, a powerful helmet is made. The front of the visor has been lowered by 10mm to reduce the risks associated with impact from debris.

5.Biometric Gloves: 
This is increases safety and also help facilitate medical rescue. FIA safety department developed this type of gloves. Feature of this, the sensor in the fabric that monitors the oxygen level in his blood and pulse rate.

6.Revised Tyre Colours:
To make understanding strategy easier for fans, hypersoft, ultrasoft and supersoft have been consigned to the history books. Every Grand Prix will feature simply a white marked which hard tire, a yellow marked which is medium, and a red marked which is soft.

7. Allow for using more fuel:
In F1, Drivers can be used up to 110kg of fuel. But in previously, drivers can use 105kg fuel in the race.
So it helps the drivers to use the engine at full power at all time.

8.Driver and Car Weight:
In previously race the weight is taken for the race is both drivers and cars but in this F1, both weights are considered separately.

9.End of the Race Signal:
The official end of race signal is now a chequered light panel at the finishing line in F1 but in previously a traditional chequered flag is shown.

10.Towing of the Line:
In this F1, overtaking on race restarts is not allowed until a driver has crossed the finishing line.

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