Priyanka Reddy what happened with her

What happened with Priyanka Reddy 

What happened with priyanka reddy

Priyanka Reddy is a veterinary doctor. She lived in shamshabad which is belongs to Hyderabad.

A heart-wrenching incident of Dr Priyanka Reddy from Telangana. Yesterday night her scooter was punctured, she called her sister to inform her. Next, her mobile was switched off. Next morning her burnt body found πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

It has been seen that her burnt dead body under Chatanpali bridge in Shadnagar.
This incident happened on Wednesday night. She was raped. After that she was burnt by four man.

The name of these four men are  Mohammad Areef (driver), Jollu Naveen (cleaner), Chennakeshavulu (cleaner), Jollu Shiva (driver).
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Priyanka Reddy News

Whole news story of priyanka reddy what happened with her

Priyanka Reddy is a Hyderabadi Veterinary specialist

She disappeared on Wednesday night and the previous morning her dead body was found by a milk man from around 30 kms from the spot she last called her sister.

Priyanka had Parked her TVS Scooty almost a Toll entryway at Shadnagar (edges of hyderabad) and gone to facility in a taxi.

She returned at 9:20 pm and saw her scooty tire was punctured and a few people saw it and volunteered to support her.

At that point she called her more youthful sister and told that she is apprehensive with what us going on and the men who are attempting to help look alarming

Her sister advised her to leave the Scooty and proceed to remain close to toll entryway and we will come and lift you up.

At that point after 15 min the portable was turned off and her family couldn't follow her.

They went to the Toll entryway and didn't discover her.

They went to RGIA (Airport) police headquarters and they told it isn't our Jurisdiction so go to Thondapalli station.

The police didn't pay attention to it and said she may have gone some place and will come later. Her Dad requested an inquiry gathering to follow her and they didn't send it.

This show went on till 4 am and they advised to return home and return the morning when the Circle assessor returns

Toward the beginning of the day some milk man saw a group lighting a fire under a scaffold at 5 am and thought. they were having an open air fire to heat up.

At 7 am he saw the fire was that of a human body and informed police.

The police came and afterward called the family and it was Priyanka consumed to death.

In the night what happened when police was attempting to not get included is so disastrous and difficult

The 4 speculates saw a woman had stopped her Scotty and she will return.

So they punctured her Scotty and were hanging tight for her.

At the point when she came two individuals went to her and offered to get the Scotty fixed and strongly took the Scotty and keeping in mind that she was standing apprehensive isolated and thinking about what to do.

Each of the four assaulted her everything the night.

She was getting assaulted each moment close to the spot from where she was missing while the family was moving between different stations.

Also, police were suspecting it was some senseless case and guardians were hyper responding.

That four men raped that innocent girl. And killed her.

At that point they took her body around 30 kms from that spot at 5 am and and burnt her body.

The Scooty was removed 10 kms and tossed into brambles subsequent to expelling the number plate.

Later toward the beginning of the day the episode got viral and Twitter was slanting #PriyankaReddy throughout the day. At that point each neta big name began tweeting about it

πŸ™RIP Priyanka ReddyπŸ™

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