I didn't knew or I didn't know which one is correct grammatically

Is I did not knew correct

"I didn't knew" is a wrong sentence. The correct sentence is " I didn't know " because in negative and interrogative of past indefinite tense we use verb first form. We use only second form in affirmative sentence. 

Full explanation 

Hey friends. Are you finding the right answer about which one is correct sentence grammatically " I didn't knew " or " I didn't know " ?

If yes, then don't go anywhere because I am going to give the right answer with proper explanation of the above query. 

This is generally asked query by teachers to students to know the knowledge about the students. 

Then students find the answer of this question on Google and not find the right answer.

That is why I am decided to make post which will explain the difference between "I didn't know" and "I didn't know".


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In the last of the post I also discussed about some FQA( frequently questioned answers ) about this query.

So friends read this post carefully and gain knowledge from this website

Difference between I didn't know and I didn't knew

As you know that in past tense, we use second form of the verb in affirmative sentence. And used first form in both negative and interrogative. 
Now I going to do analysis of these two sentences. 

Analysis of the sentence "I didn't knew"

If we read this the query " I didn't knew ".
This is the past indefinite tense of negative sentence. And it has second form of verb. 

As we know in past indefinite tense of negative sentence we use first form of the verb. 

Wrong sentence:

It means that the sentence "I didn't knew" is wrong sentence grammatically

More examples of wrong sentence like this:-

  • You didn't went there. 
  • You didn't ate
  • Hamid didn't came
  • He didn't wrote an essay. 
  • Father didn't went office.
  • Majid didn't spoke the truth. 

Analysis of the second sentence "I didn't know" 

If we read the second query "I didn't know". This is also past indefinite tense of negative sentence but it has first form of the verb. 

As I am already discussed, in past indefinite tense of negative sentence we use first form of the verb. 

Correct sentence:

That is why the sentence "I didn't know" is a correct sentence grammatically. 
More examples of right sentence like this:-
  • Amjad didn't keep the fast for a day. 
  • He didn't claim his half share of the booty. 
  • He didn't give you a bunch of grapes. 
  • You didn't have money yesterday. 
  • You didn't eat mangoes. 


I hoped that you understood which sentence is correct - " I didn't knew " or " I don't know ". If you have any doubts then tell me comment section. I will try to solve it quickly. 

Don't forget to share it with your friends so that they could know about this basic difference. 

Do you know this ? :-

FQA (Frequently Questioned Answers )

1. What's the difference between know and knew?

Difference between know and knew is that know is the first form of the verb and knew is the second form of the verb. The third form of this word is known. 

2. Can we use knew with didn't?

No, we can't use knew with didn't because it is not follow the English grammar rule. 
We only use know instead of knew. This will explained in above of the article. 

3. What is the meaning of I didn't know?

This sentence means that a person who is not recognize or forget something about a particular thing. Then that person says I don't know. 

4. Is didn't knew correct?

No,  I am again telling you this is not right sentences. The correct answer is I didn't know.

5. When to use does and did?

Does is used in the present indefinite tense in all type of sentence formats. It means that affirmative, negative and interrogative.
Did is used in past indefinite tense except affirmative.

6. Where do we use didn't?

We used this in past indefinite tense of negative and interrogative sentences.

7. Can we use past tense with didn't?

Yes, definitely but we don't use it in the affirmative sentence in past indefinite tense. 

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