Armed Forces Flag Day 2019: today's news

Armed Forces flag day 

Armed forces flag day

Today's News:Indian army is protected us from the attack and many Indian Army man died during the attack.

A day has been set by the government to show respect to the armed forces of the country.
That day is called Armed Forces flag day.

On this day, all people show solidarity towards the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives while fighting the enemies of the country.
People are salutes these martyrs and their families on this day.

In this Day, money are collected for the family of the Martyred seals. They make the flag for salutes of that martyred seals.

On armed flag day, Chief Minister Bhupesh said -
Go ahead and help for the welfare of the soldiers of the country.He said that the Armed Forces Flag Day is a day dedicated to the welfare and cooperation of the personnel of the Indian Armed Forces

Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year on 7 December. 

On 23 August 1947, the Defense Committee of the Union Cabinet announced to celebrate Flag Day for the welfare of war veterans and their families.

After this, Flag Day started on 7 December 1949. Later on from the year 1993 it was celebrated as Armed Forces Flag Day.

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