Hyderabad rapist encounter: Priyanka Reddy latest news

Hyderabad rapist encounter

Priyanka Reddy Hyderabad News: This is inform to all of you the police of Hyderabad killed all rapist in an encounter. After this encounter people are very happy when they hear such news.

As you know that the incident of Hyderabad case. Four rapist raped a doctor whose name priyanka reddy. After raped they burnt her body.

These are the rapist.
Hyderabad rapist encountered

The body of the ladies doctor is completely burnt. And she died.

Due such rude incident people of all the world specially Indian are very angry.
They want to killed all four rapist.

People appealed the government that they must take action as soon as possible otherwise they can give this case to the people.

People are very angry because after every rape case the punishment decision take long time.

But in priyanka reddy case. The decision comes very soon.

Hyderabad police encountered all the rapist at the same place where the body of priyanka found in burnt condition.

After this encounter incidents people are very happy. This news is viral on social media.
All the women and men are congrats the telangana police.


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