What does mean this dollar symbols $, $$, $$$, $$$$ in a restaurant

What is meaning of doller symbol in restaurany

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As you know that when you go the restaurant then you aspect the best quality of food.

That is why restaurant management make a list of the food in which they used this type of dollar symbols which are $, $$, $$$, $$$$.
This dollar symbols denote the price range of the Food.

It is easy to understand the customers that how much will restaurant charged on a particular food or meal.
Customer choose the menu list accordingly their budget.

Meaning of these dollar symbols 

Actually these symbols represent the price range of that Food. Each symbol have different price range. This price is only for one person.
Let's start one by one.

Meaning of $

This symbol is range of price per person which varies from $1 -$10.

Meaning of $$

The price range of this dollar symbol varies from $11-$20.

Meaning of $$$

This price range varies from $21-30.

Meaning of $$$$

The last one varies above $31+ .

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