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Torchbearer of 'Bharatiya economics'

In the runup to the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Modi relied on data collated by Gurumurthy that said the job growth in Manmohan Singh years has been a low 2.7 million between 2004-2010.
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Torchbearer of 'Bharatiya economics'

Gurumurthy is the co-convenor of the SJM, however, is the main light of the outfit after the passing without end of the outfit's originator Dattopant Thengdi. 

Inside the Sangh Parivar, the SJM has driven the battle against the Modi government's property procurement Bill, constrained the legislature to offer palliatives to the MSME segment after the usage of the Goods and Services Tax and, most as of late, has guaranteed that the administration puts its MSME revision Bill wide open to the harsh elements stockpiling. 

Gurumurthy is likewise much respected inside the Sangh Parivar for his honesty, that he has avoided constituent governmental issues regardless of his nearness to L K Advani, and all the more as of late to Modi, as addition to the draw of any open office. 

The Modi government's MUDRA - the Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency - activity is additionally accepted to have originated from Gurumurthy. 

At the point when as the RBI senator, Rajan contradicted loosened up standards for loaning that Gurumurthy, and even Modi and BJP President Amit Anilchandra Shah, felt that the 'remote instructed' financial analyst didn't comprehend Indian conditions and was ended up being a hindrance to working age.

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